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From Saint Paul, Minnesota - the Artwork and Photography of Bill Hosko

November 7, 2023

Bill's campaign to become Ward Two's next representative is complete. Those who Vote today (and those who Voted absentee and by - in person early at Ramsey County Elections) and those who chose not to Vote (typically 80% or more now) will determine this Ward's and really our City's continued direction.

Hopefully, we'll be placed upon a higher path when all Votes are counted.

A big Thank You goes out now and via mail soon to those who believed in Bill's and Our Message and have made financial contributions already on BillHosko.Org or via mail to Bill Hosko for Ward Two, 545 W. 7th St. Saint Paul 55102.

"These past two months walking every block in this big and beautiful ward, and through many larger buildings in recent days, have been perfectly great and a pleasure particularly when meeting again people I met in the past. So many nice people.

With fondness and gratitude, I wish only the best for Our Town.

Bill Hosko"

November 23, 2023
Thanksgiving Day

From BillHosko.Org: "Election Day is two weeks passed now. The majority of those who Voted (and the 80% who chose not to Vote) have chosen for Ward Two and Saint Paul to remain on the same path.

2023 has been a great and a very interesting year for me none-the-less. I am thankful for the experiences and adventures, and I continue to have gratitude for each day of life. I look forward to new adventures, that will include so many good and interesting people along the way, in 2024! I will be around.

Cheers to you all.

Bill Hosko"

January 1, 2023


BillHosko.Com contains one of the most extensive collections of Saint Paul-themed art available today. Also, 2023 marks the beginning of Bill's 30th year since opening Hosko Gallery and Custom Picture Framing in downtown Saint Paul.

Other works by Bill Hosko include Minneapolis, historic Minnesota communities, Chicago, Denver and historic structures found on the Montana Plains where Bill has a little place up near the Canadian border along the 'High Line'.

Bill's Hosko Gallery and Custom Picture Framing retail store is located in downtown Saint Paul at 151 East 7th Street (at Jackson Street - with free on-site parking). Open by appointment.

- Phone: (651) 222-4767
- FaceBook: Bill Hosko
- Email: Bill@billhosko.com

Thank you for visiting BillHosko.Com.

Artwork - Minneapolis Landmarks and Twin City Skylines
Artwork - Chicago Skyline, Denver Skyline and historic northeast Montana
Artwork - Historic Hastings, Red Wing, Stillwater and Two Harbors, Minnesota
Artwork - Custom Home and Architectural Illustrations
Photography - Carriage Houses and Barns of Saint Paul
Photography - Architectural Landmarks of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photography - Great Plains: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa
Framed Artwork and Photography - Hosko pieces currently on display at Hosko Gallery
Framed Artwork and Photography - non-Hosko pieces currently on display at Hosko Gallery
My recent photo at the gallery in the Securian Center before the move to Music Forest Cafe.

The Saint Paul Collection
180 East Fifth Street
317 on Rice Park
Brooks (Guardian) Building
Church of Saint Agnes I
Church of Saint Agnes II
Church of Saint Louis I
Church of Saint Louis II
Church of Saint Louis III
Church of Saint Louis IV
Cathedral of Saint Paul I
Cathedral of Saint Paul II
Cathedral of Saint Paul III
Church of the Assumption
Como Lake Pavilion
Como Park Conservatory I
Como Park Conservatory II
Como Park Conservatory III
College of St. Thomas
Coney Island Buildings
Cosmopolitan Apartments
Cossetta's I
Cossetta's II
Daybreak in Rice Park
Downtowner Woodfire Grille
Dunn Brothers and Khyber Pass - Grand Avenue
Eagle Street Grille
Ethereal Minneapolis - Saint Paul
Evening on Grand Avenue
Evening on St. Peter Street I
Evening on St. Peter Street II
Evening on Selby Avenue
Exchange Street in Saint Paul I
Exchange Street in Saint Paul II
First Bank National Building
Gallery Tower
Hamm Building
House of Hope Presbyterian Church I
House of Hope Presbyterian Church II
Irvine Park
Infor-Lawson Building
James J. Hill House I
James J. Hill House II
Landmark Center
Landmark Plaza Park
Liffey Irish Pub
The Lowry
Majesty in Saint Paul I
Majesty in Saint Paul II
Mancini's Char House
Market House
Mickey's Diner
Minnesota Boat Club
Minnesota State Capitol Building
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts I
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts II
Patrick McGovern's
Pioneer Building
Port of Saint Paul Welcomes the Grand Excursion
Rainy Evening at Mickey's
Ramsey County Courthouse - Saint Paul City Hall
Robert Street Lift Bridge
Saint Joseph's Academy
Saint Paul I
Saint Paul I (Color)
Saint Paul II
Saint Paul III
Saint Paul III (Color)
Saint Paul Central Library
Saint Paul Hotel
Saint Paul Skyline 1985
Saint Paul Skyline 1995
Saturday Morning on West Seventh Street
Schmidt Artist Lofts (In Progress)
September Morning in Rice Park
Solitude in Irvine Park
Spring Morning on Summit Avenue
Springtime on Crocus Hill
Springtime on Summit Avenue
Stillwater Bridge
Stillwater Morning
Summit Avenue
Sunrise on Cathedral Hill I
Sunrise on Cathedral Hill II
Sunset on Saint Paul’s Waterfront
Town and Country Club
Union Depot
University Club I
University Club II
Washington Street in Saint Paul
Wintertime in Mears Park
XCEL Energy Center