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2021 Greeting
A 'City Divided' can not stand... 28 years now and counting.

February 2021

Our Philosophy
This month, February 4 to be more exact, marks the entrance into my 28th year since fulfilling my wish, to specifically open my art gallery in my hometown’s downtown. It was early 1994, and I began living a dual life that day. Monday morning thru Friday daytime in downtown, then that evening I’d make a 5 hour drive back up to my little farmstead on a high-spot in northwest Minnesota. Then Monday early, I’d drive back down to ‘The cities’ to open shop by 9-10 AM.

Today, my ‘Out West’ spot is considerably further, as I wrote in my 2018 installment, and I get back there only but a few days every other month. As I begin my Bill Hosko for Mayor of Saint Paul campaign this month, I won’t be back until after Election Day – November 2. You can learn more about the campaign in the coming days on BillHosko.Org.

Last fall, I added a second ‘little spread’ to my first ‘little Montana spread’ when I bought the place next door from a nice couple named Dorothy and Roger. It’s been tidied up some now and everything repainted a rusty red, with a bit of golden-rod yellow trim on the house and one little building. Roger worked hard to get the smaller trees and shrubs to get growing years back, and I was sure not to cut a one down when I started on the yard clean-up.

In fact, I brought the one low-hanging branch I trimmed off the one remaining, little, but very healthy pin-oak tree back to my gallery in Saint Paul. It hangs on the wall in my office and drawing area... a companion to some other pieces of ‘The Plains’ I have here, including the tumble-weed mounted above my paintings above the fireplace mantle.

A month or two back, the local Daily printed a front-page story how Saint Paul is a ‘divided city’. I’ve witnessed the growing division, planted by the actions, intended or not, of our elected officials over these years I have been a retailer. Still, Saint Paul remains a good city, and exceptional and very lovely in some respects. But overall, our economic picture continues to decline, and the atmosphere and disrespect for authority is becoming ever more courser. We’re not to talk about it, best to focus on brighter, shiny objects... until the next election passes and old habits dig in a bit deeper.

2020 was a particular tough year for many, 2021 will be challenging as well. But absolutely I say, we can get out of this ‘division’ in Saint Paul, if people keep the faith, and we can do it – in very short order.

Thank you for visiting BillHosko.Com this day.

2018 Greeting

The was photo was taken early this past December. We have more snow and 'winter' gong on now certainly. I am using this photo with the campaign, but not as the primary one, because I was told I should have smiled more. I am smiling here, but not broadly.

Saint Paul is going thru a very difficult time, the most challenging I've seen. That said, the photo is remarkable, in that it captures the essence of how attractive, and even alluring Minnesota's capital city is. It captures how things would have looked before 'civilization' came up from the left and around the bend of that river called Mississippi.