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Framed Artwork and Photography - Hosko pieces currently on display at Hosko Gallery

A-1 'Majesty in Saint Paul I' Signed/Numbered Printer's Proof
There are currently over 120 framed Hosko pieces on display at Hosko Gallery, you can view all of them below.

Please Note: View all images collectively in the 'Framed Artwork Index' link in the upper left corner.

Framed - A-1 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul I’
Framed - A-2 A ‘University Club II’
Framed - A-2 ‘Rainy Evening at Mickey’s’
Framed - A-3 ‘Lowertown’
Framed - A-4 ‘Minnesota Capitol Building’
Framed - A-5 ‘Saint Paul Hotel’
Framed - A-6 ‘Church of Saint Agnes I’
Framed - A-8 ‘Minnesota Capitol Building’
Framed - A-10 A ‘Summit Avenue’
Framed - A-11 ‘The Hamm Building’
Framed - A-13 ‘Spring Morning on Summit Avenue’
Framed - A-14 ‘Daybreak in Rice Park’
Framed - A-15 ‘First Lutheran Church’
Framed - A-16 ‘Red Wing Depot’
Framed - A-17 ‘Landmark Center, Minnesota Capitol Building, University Club I’
Framed - A-20 ‘Landmark Center’
Framed - A-21 ‘Exchange Street in Saint Paul’
Framed - A-22 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul II’
Framed - A-23 ‘Patrick McGovern’s’
Framed - A-24 ‘Evening on Hennepin Avenue’
Framed - A-25 ‘Minnesota Capitol Building’
Framed - A-26 ‘Daybreak in Rice Park’
Framed - A-27 ‘Spring Morning-Summit Ave, Eve-Selby Ave, Sunrise-Cathedral Hill'
Framed - A-28 ‘Spring Morning on Summit Avenue’
Framed - A-29 ‘Como Conservatory I’
Framed - A-30 ‘Daybreak in Rice Park, Majesty in Saint Paul’
Framed - A-32 ‘Como Conservatory II, Evening-Selby Ave, Exchange St-St. Paul'
Framed - A-34 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul II’
Framed - A-35 ‘Rainy Evening at Mickey’s’
Framed - A-37 ‘Patrick McGovern’s’
Framed - A-40 ‘Como Conservatory I’
Framed - A-41 ‘Evening on Grand Avenue’
Framed - A-43 ‘Evening on Selby Avenue’
Framed - A-44 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul I’
Framed - A-45 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul I’
Framed - A-46 ‘Spring Morning on Summit Avenue’
Framed - A-47 ‘Lowertown’
Framed - A-48 ‘317 on Rice Park’
Framed - A-49 ‘Patrick McGovern’s’
Framed - A-51 ‘Landmark Center’
Framed - A-52 ‘Red Wing Depot’ ‘Sheldon Theater’
Framed - A-54 ‘Springtime on Crocus Hill’
Framed - A-55 ‘XCEL Energy Center’
Framed - A-57 ‘Spring Morning on Summit Avenue’
Framed - A-58 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul II’
Framed - A-59 ‘Majesty I-St Paul, Spring Morning-Summit Ave, Majesty II-St Paul'
Framed - A-60 ‘Port of Saint Paul - Daybreak in Rice Park’
Framed - A-63 ‘Liffey Irish Pub’
Framed - A-66 ‘Sunrise on Cathedral Hill’
Framed - A-70 ‘Sunrise on Cathedral Hill II’
Framed - A-71 ‘Historic Dakota County Courthouse - Hastings City Hall’
Framed - A-72 ‘Como Conservatory I’
Framed - A-73 ‘Exchange Street in Saint Paul’
Framed - A-74 ‘Ethereal Minneapolis - Saint Paul’
Framed - A-77 ‘Mickey’s Diner’
Framed - A-78 ‘Church of Saint Louis I’
Framed - A-80 ‘Daybreak in Rice Park’
Framed - A-82 ‘Cossetta’s II’
Framed - A-83 ‘Exchange Street in Saint Paul’
Framed - A-86 ‘Spring Morning-Sum. Ave, Majesty-St Paul I - II, Daybreak-Rice Pk
Framed - A-87 ‘Mancini’s’
Framed - A-89 ‘Cathedral of Saint Paul III’
Framed - A-90 ‘Exchange Street in Saint Paul II’
Framed - A-93 ‘First National Bank Building’
Framed - A-94 ‘Saint Paul Central Library’
Framed - A-96 ‘LeDuc Mansion’
Framed - A-97 ‘Saint Paul Central Library’
Framed - A-98 ‘James J. Hill House I’
Framed - A-99 ‘XCEL Energy Center’
Framed - A-101 ‘Saint Paul Central Library’
Framed - A-102 ‘Cathedral of Saint Paul I’
Framed - A-103 ‘Evening on Hennepin Avenue’
Framed - A-104 ‘Como Conservatory I’
Framed - A-105 ‘Solitude in Irvine Park’
Framed - A-106 ‘Landmark Center’
Framed - A-109 ‘Cathedral of Saint Paul I’
Framed - A-113 ‘September Morning in Rice Park’
Framed - A-115 ‘Ramsey County Courthouse - Saint Paul City Hall'
Framed - A-116 ‘Stillwater’
Framed - A-118 ‘Union Depot’
Framed - A-119 ‘James J. Hill House I’
Framed - A-121 ‘Minnesota Capitol Building’
Framed - A-122 ‘University Club I’
Framed - A-123 ‘Stillwater Bridge’
Framed - A-124 ‘Landmark Center’
Framed - A-126 ‘Union Depot’
Framed - A-134 ‘Minneapolis I’
Framed - A-137 A ‘Chicago I’
Framed - A-137 ‘Minneapolis I’
Framed - A-138 ‘Saint Paul III’
Framed - A-139 ‘Saint Paul III’
Framed - A-140 ‘Saint Paul III’
Framed - A-147 ‘Evening on Saint Peter Street’
Framed - A-149 ‘Saint Paul III’
Framed - A-152 ‘Evening on Hennepin’
Framed - A-153 ‘Minneapolis - Saint Paul III’
Framed - A-155 ‘Como Conservatory III’
Framed - A-156 ‘Fort Peck Theater’
Framed - A-157 'Evening on St. Peter Street II'
Framed - A-159 ‘LeDuc Mansion’
Framed - A-161 ‘University Club’
Framed - A-162 ‘Ethereal Minneapolis - Saint Paul’
Framed - A-165 ‘Spring Morning on Summit Avenue’
Framed - A-166 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul II'
Framed - A-167 ‘Majesty in Saint Paul I’
Framed - A-168 ‘Sunset on Saint Paul’s Waterfront’
Framed - A-169 ‘Evening on Grand Avenue’
Framed - A-170 ‘Red Wing Depot II’
Framed - A-171 ‘Minnesota Capitol Building’
Framed - A-172 ‘Daybreak in Rice Park’
Framed - A-200 ‘Chicago I - II - III'
Framed - A-202 ‘Solitude in Irvine Park’
Framed - A-203 ‘Landmark Center’
Framed - A-204 ‘Port of Saint Paul’
Framed - A-205 ‘Chicago I-II-III'
Framed - A-207 ‘Cathedral of Saint Paul’
Framed - A-208 ‘Forepaugh’s’
Framed - A-211 ‘Denver’
Framed - A-213 ‘XCEL Energy Center’
Framed - B-29 ‘Gephardt’s Ranch’
Framed - B-37 ‘Hopeful and Loner at Lonesome Prairie’
Framed - B-41 A 'South Dakota Windmill' - Bill Hosko