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Framed Artwork and Photography - non-Hosko pieces currently on display at Hosko Gallery

Above: B-28 'Harvest' Stain-glass Photo
There are currently over 50 framed non-Hosko pieces on display at Hosko Gallery, you can view all of them below.

Please Note: To view all selections collectively see 'Framed Artwork Index' link in the upper left corner.

Framed - B-1 '1926 Minnesota License Plate'
Framed - B-2 ‘1929 Minnesota License Plate’
Framed - B-3 ‘1937 Minnesota License Plate’
Framed - B-4 ‘1960 Minnesota License Plate’
Framed - B-6 ‘July’
Framed - B-7 ‘August’
Framed - B-8 ‘May’
Framed - B-9 ‘June’
Framed - B-10 ‘March’
Framed - B-11 ‘April’
Framed - B-12 ‘Minnesota Lake Shore’
Framed - B-17 ‘1970’s Floral’
Framed - B-18 ‘Orkney Islands Geese’
Framed - B-20 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-21 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-22 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-23 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-24 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-25 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-26 ‘Chinese Statue’
Framed - B-27 ‘Minnesota Lake Shore’
Framed - B-28 ‘Harvest’
Framed - B-30 ‘Saint Paul 1885’
Framed - B-31 ‘United States Coins’
Framed - B-32 ‘Bank of England 5 Pound Note’
Framed - B-33 ‘Mount Rushmore Under Construction - 1932’
Framed - B-33 A ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-34 ‘From - Irene Ryan 1955 - Anniversary’
Framed - B-38 A ‘Wolf Print’
Framed - B-38 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-38 ‘Scotland of Olde’
Framed - B-39 A 'Homestead on Pond'
Framed - B-39 ‘Paris’
Framed - B-40 ‘Australian Currency’
Framed - B-41 ‘Living Flag of Bluejackets at Salute - 1917 Great Lakes Recruit'
Framed - B-43 ‘Minnesota Lake Shore’
Framed - B-44 ‘Stamps, Luggage tags, Tickets’
Framed - B-45 A ‘Mexico - 1981’
Framed - B-45 ‘Minneisca, Minnesota 1885’
Framed - B-47 ‘Wolf Print’
Framed - B-48 ‘Stained Glass - Grapes’
Framed - B-49 ‘Saint Paul 1885 - from The West Side’
Framed - B-50 ‘Abstract Face’
Framed - B-51 'United States Flag'
Framed - B-52 ‘Stained Glass - Hanging Grapes’
Framed - B-53 ‘Korean Currency’
Framed - P-6 ‘Downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota’
Framed - P-7 'Downtown Saint Paul Wintertime 1992'