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February 2004

Endicott Arcade's interior renovation continues.
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December 2003

Work on the Endicott Arcade continues.
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November 2003

Progress on the cafe in Opheim, Montana.
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August 2003

Pioneer Town at Scobey, Montana.
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June 2003

"Bill On The Hill" to open café in Opheim.
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May 2003

Bill creates "Knowledgeable Linus" for the Charles Schulz tribute.
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May 2003

Opheim, Montana's Visitor Center experiences creation, destruction, and rebirth.
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May 2003

The Saint Paul gallery moves to its new location in the Endicott Arcade.
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July 2002

A new gallery in Red Wing.
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May 2002

"Looking for Schroeder" Lucy captures the heart of Saint Paul.