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Majesty in Saint Paul II

“Majesty in Saint Paul II”
Oil on canvas – 2005

By 1900, James J. Hill was a primary figure in the early development of Saint Paul, Minnesota and much of the north central and northwest regions of the United States. His home was the first and largest on Saint Paul’s famed four and one half mile Summit Avenue. In 1902 Hill hired architect Clarence Johnston to build, adjacent to Hill’s thirty two room mansion, a wedding present for son Louis Hill: another fine, large home. The Cathedral of Saint Paul rises beyond both homes.

In more recent times the “Avenue” has been proclaimed “The best preserved American example of the monumental boulevard” and “the best and largest intact Victorian era neighborhood in North America. In February 1981 eighteen year old Bill Hosko moved into his first apartment, located several blocks from the avenue with which he was so impressed.

The view of the Mississippi river valley side of these mansions is from Grand Avenue and West Seventh Street. After years of non-residential use and deterioration “Dove Hill”, as its new owners have christened it, is a beautifully restored, private residence once again.
This painting and several other Hosko originals hang in the home.