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About Bill 2015

About Bill 2015
Many years ago when Bill was about thirteen and living in rural western Illinois he would occasionally be able to get into town to watch a movie. He had been working part time for a year at that point and his awareness of a life beyond those of his home life was becoming regularly more apparent. He went to see Superman - The Movie. Of all its parts the one that stood out most at the time and today was when a young Superman was still living on his adopted parent’s farm… Pa Kent had passed away and he was feeling the need to leave home and go North. Here is the music that accompanied that portion of the film… to this day it remains one of Bill’s favorite short scores:

In some respects Bill was called to do the same… leave rural Illinois after high school graduation in 1980 and return north to Saint Paul, then later move further north and west to a house in the woods and then a farm on the prairie in northwest Minnesota then still father north and west to a ghost town in North Dakota and finally to property he found overlooking the Canadian border which he later came to own in northeast Montana.

Bill has been back in Saint Paul full-time for about eight years now… those years just described were full of adventures. He will soon be 53 years old, while remaining 14 inside. Life, through all its ups and downs, is still a remarkable gift he believes.

Bill will soon complete a second business downtown - Music Forest Café. He designed the space in March 2014 and has since been through the various city planning and licensing channels. It has taken a year for him to build it out. Learn more at: He’s planning on another run for city council. He came in second place the last two elections and now the incumbent is retiring. The completion of Music Forest has taken up a large part of his finances and delayed his ability to begin campaigning. He anticipates now beginning the campaign in early September - two months before the election.

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Spring 2015... a new commission completed.