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Lake Harriet Bandshell

“Lake Harriet Bandshell”
Pen & Ink - 1985

Lake Harriet, located in southwest Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of five in Minneapolis’ famed “chain of lakes”. The lake is named after Harriet Lovejoy, wife of Colonel Leavenworth, who came to Minnesota’s Fort Snelling in 1819. This bandshell, which was completed in 1986, beautifully compliments the adjoining park areas and the well maintained neighborhoods which surround much of the lake. It has features reminiscent of its predecessors, going back to 1888, when the first music pavilion was built on this site. A 1900 era streetcar still runs between Lake Harriet and nearby Lake Calhoun.

From 1988 until 1991, artist Bill Hosko lived five blocks from the lake. Often in the evenings, he would walk his two dogs down to its shores and around its three-mile circumference. He especially found winter-time, when fewer people were out, more appealing. He and his companions enjoyed walking out onto the center of its frozen expanse at night to enjoy the solitude.

Whether there is a concert in progress or not, this structure, and adjoining refreshment stand, is the focal point of the beautiful lake. The sailboats which are moored at its front steps during warm weather make way for ice skaters during the cold weather months.