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Church of the Assumption

“Church of the Assumption”
Pen & Ink – 2007

Those familiar with the history of Minnesota’s capitol city will likely have seen photographs or paintings from the 1800’s capturing a view of Saint Paul along the picturesque banks and bluffs of the Mississippi River.  A fast growing city in the 1870’s, Saint Paul was founded on the only stretch of the great river which takes on the form of a great crescent as it flows southward.  In the heart of this city in 1871 rose a grand stone church featuring tall twin steeples.  It would be the new home for the Church of the Assumption, which was founded in Saint Paul in 1856.  The Romanesque structure, modeled after the Ludwigkirche in Munich, Germany, would feature prominently in the photographs and paintings of the Saint Paul’s skyline for decades to come.