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Last 'Peanuts' statue
August 2004

During the month of May over the last 3 years Bill has taken part in St. Paul's annual tribute to the late "Peanuts" cartoon creator Charles Schulz. St. Paul was Mr. Schulz's hometown. Pictured are his 3 entries. This year's tribute will be the last and the theme was "Doghouse Days of Summer". Bill was the sponsor as well as the artist for his "The Red Baron... treed again" statue. As a sponsor he will have the privilege of being able to choose a permanent home for it. That location will be in St. Paul, the site will be announced in September.
To learn more about the entire 5 year "Peanuts on Parade" you can go to the website of a very interesting gentleman Bill has had the pleasure of meeting, David Erickson. His site: Click on Dog House Days of Summer, Linus Blankets St. Paul and Looking For Lucy to see David's coverage of Bill's work.
Stay tuned for the last chapter on the final "Peanuts on Parade".


Summer 2007, it is a little late… but here is the last chapter on the Treed Again Snoopy statue Bill created for Saint Paul’s last annual tribute to the late Charles Schulz. … As the sponsor of his own statue that year Bill had the pleasure of donating it to Saint Paul’s Children’s Hospital located just west of downtown. It has been outside for three years now – Bill will be bringing it indoors this winter for a bit of restoration work.

It was a true pleasure for Bill to have taken part in the last three of five total efforts by the city of Saint Paul to recognize the work of Charles Schulz. Last year on two occasions Bill traveled out to the San Francisco bay area, it had been his first visits there in fifteen years. While there he traveled an hour north to Santa Rosa. Here he had the opportunity to visit with Jean Schulz, the wife of Charles Schulz, and Edna, Charles’ personal secretary and Jean’s life long friend. They are two classy ladies and it meant much to Bill to meet them and learn more about Charles "Sparky" Schulz. While there he was given a tour of the wonderful Charles M. Schulz Museum, and skating rink just across the way.

Inside the famous rink's doors is the Warm Puppy café, the first table is where Mr. Schulz would often sit and visit with friends and guests. The table is now glass topped and adorned with a vase of beautiful flowers, and a plaque which touchingly keeps the table reserved for “Sparky”.