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Saint Paul City Hall - Court House

Saint Paul City Hall – Ramsey County Courthouse

Pen & Ink



Located at 15 Kellogg Boulevard West overlooking the Mississippi River valley, this art deco edifice serves as the center of government for Ramsey County and Minnesota’s capital city of Saint Paul.  It was constructed during the Great Depression era of high unemployment and falling prices.  For this reason, the $4,000,000 budgeted for the building was under-spent, while the quality of materials and craftsmanship were higher than initially envisioned.  The exterior consists of smooth Indiana limestone in the Art Deco style known as "American Perpendicular.  Inside is Memorial Hall, its white marble floor contrasts with three-story black marble piers leading to a gold-leaf ceiling, at the end of the remarkable hall is the 38 foot tall white onyx statue Vision of Peace.