2015 Greeting
Projects and Places (under construction)
First Bank National Building


Pen & Ink



Rising 417 feet the art deco masterpiece was completed in 1931.  For over a half century this thirty two story Saint Paul landmark dominated the Minnesota capital city skyline.  In the 1980’s the completion of Galtier Plaza (46 residential floors – 450 feet) and the Wells Fargo Center (36 office floors – also 450 feet) at last brought the First National Bank Building neighbors.  It features perhaps the world’s first skyway, if not certainly the highest at the time, which connects its 17th floor with its companion building.  The fifty foot, three sided red neon 1st’sign atop the office building is a night-time beacon seen for twenty miles.  The full block property recently received a major restoration and upgrade for its twenty first century tenants.