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Minneapolis I

Minneapolis I

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Pen and Ink with Pencil - 1989

Minneapolis began its origins along the falls of St. Anthony, a stretch of the Mississippi 10 miles northwest of Saint Paul. The ‘falls’ and its ties to the rapidly expanding western railroads allowed Minneapolis to become the flour milling capital of the world by the late 1800’s. Today, Minneapolis is Minnesota’s largest city and the financial center of the northern plains region. The ‘City of Lakes’, proud of its many picturesque lakes and parks, is home to major league sports and is second in America only to New York City in theatre venues. The downtown area is an array of contemporary glass & stone sheathed skyscrapers - a testament to the city’s pride and ambition. With a metro-wide population of 3.6 million, Minneapolis and Saint Paul from the heart of the Twin Cities metropolitan community’.

Fine Art Satin paper print - Image size: 19” x 9” - Signed/Open edition - $35

Fine Art Satin paper print - Image size: 39” x 20” - Signed/Open edition - $60

Available Printer’s Proof - On Archival Fine Art Satin paper - Image size: 39” x 20” - Signed/Numbered edition size: 1/1 - $250

Original ‘Minneapolis I’ artwork available (As set with ‘Saint Paul I’ only) - Illustrated on Artist board - Board sizes: 40” x 24” - $20,000

Minneapolis I and Saint Paul I - Originals