Rendering Projects
September 2008

Bill’s ability to create working drawings and concept art was honed from 1985-1988 while he was a student at the Minneapolis Technical College in downtown Minneapolis. Eduardo was the one teacher in particular Bill most admired. It was he who steered Bill from studying art and art creation techniques to then take a two-year class in architectural design, scale working drawing illustration and the use of CAD – computer aided drafting.

Here are a number of varied conceptual illustration projects of the many hundreds he has worked on over the course of his professional career which began in 1987, and one of his many model building projects as well.

The first sample though, is perhaps Bill’s earliest work. It is a paint-by-number done at the age of six. He remembers taking a black marker after completing it and trying to even out the horizon line after he had added a lone bird. More interesting though was he then turned the painting over and began illustrating his home at the time which was between the railroad tracks and Mississippi river in lower Inver Grove Heights - south of Saint Paul. His family had moved there from Saint Paul’s upper West Side when ‘Billy’ was five and a half in early 1968.

When realizing he could not fit everything in around his immediate neighborhood he turned the board upside down and illustrated everything at a smaller scale. For drama he added several lightning bolts and flying flocks of birds.