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Master Portraitist Edward K Fox
Contact us to have Mr. Fox create a work of art that will always be treasured.
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Bill Hosko is pleased to introduce you to one of the finest portrait artists he has ever met. A master artist in both oils and charcoal, Mr. Fox can create a portrait of your loved one, best friend, or pet that you will always treasure. His portraits are created from the best photographs you have available, his lead time to complete your project can vary, so be sure to place your order as early as possible.

Prices are $160 for a charcoal portrait on 11" x 14" acid free paper. $260 for a charcoal portrait on 16" x 20" acid free paper. $275 for an 11" x 14" oil portrait on stretched canvas or $375 for a 16" x 20" oil portrait. For a couple or a group portrait, add 50% for each additional subject, i.e.: 3 sisters drawn together in charcoal in the 11" x 14" format, the cost would be $160 for the first girl, and $80 each for the other girls. Your total would be $320 plus shipping and tax. On all couple or group portraits the paper or canvas size will increase proportionately. Multiple Portraits ordered, as individuals on their own paper or canvas are full price. The layout and all details regarding your order Bill will discuss with you thoroughly before Mr. Fox begins your order. (Mr. Fox prefers to work through Bill, who will work directly with you.) You will see your portrait in several stages before completion. Donít forget: Bill and Mr. Fox are sticklers for detail, and are certain of your satisfaction.

Changes or enhancements to the photos you provide are possible, often for little additional charge. Portrait pricing is for upper torso views only. We will quote you a firm price for backgrounds containing subject matter and or full torso views.
Master Portraitist Edward K. Fox is a native of Bancroft, Iowa, a small farming community in the north central part of that state not far from the Minnesota border. At an early age his parents, with their eight children in tow, moved 50 miles to Algona, Iowa, pop. 6000. His father was a barber and mother a homemaker. An interest in drawing began at the early age of 5. At 15 he completed his first ďseriousĒ oil painting, which was of his older sister Mary Alice.

In 1960 at 25 Mr. Fox enrolled at St. Paulís College of Visual Arts, located, on Summit Avenue. Four years later he became a teacher at the school, a career that would last 24 years. It was very gratifying to Mr. Fox to have been able to teach talented young adults the skills necessary to become fine artisans.

Additionally, he has kept a most interesting part time position since 1974, working as the primary maintenance painter on the well-known Harriet Bishop and Jonathan Paddleford excursion boats whose homeport is downtown St. Paulís Harriet Island. Mr. Fox is also the artist behind these crafts marvelous shipboard paintings depicting some of the historic and often colorful characters who once called St. Paul and its riverfront home.


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Mr. Fox has a remarkable ability to take a photo you provide and create a beautiful work of art.
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Is this a photo?
No!!! Its an oil painting by Mr. Fox.
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