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Bill Hosko can be commissioned to Illustrate (or Paint) any architecture or scene that includes architecture, you desire. This page focuses on Custom Home or Cabin (Pen & Ink on Mylar) Illustrations. Prices begin at $95 (includes applicable tax and USPS Priority-Shipping and Three (3) total hours illustration time (including consultation time if any): - Approximate image size is 10" x 8" drawn on a 14" x 12" sheet of Mylar paper (Some scenes may be more attractive if illustrated square or vertical - Artist will discuss this prior to starting). The final drawing can include pencil shading over the ink drawing if the customers desires - it is recommended. - The Artist will work from a primary photo you deem best of the home - which you email or mail in: Additional close-up photos of front doors, particular windows or any other detail that may not be clearly seen in the primary photo are required if you desire best accuracy. - A photo or two of another angle of the full subject can often be helpful as well. - If you may be within the Twin City metro area - the artist may be able to photograph your property for the illustrations for an additional fee of $25-$75). - A photo of the completed Illustration to proof will be emailed to you prior to shipment. Custom Orders 1. Color can be added to your original illustration for $40. 2. Larger illustrations are available from increments of $60: - The illustration page will enlarge by 1"-2" in height and width, with each enlargement desired (This figure is not set being some properties feature much higher detail than others). 3. Each illustration can be scanned (for other future uses) and emailed to you for $10. 4. Each illustration can be scanned (for other future uses) and placed on a disc and mailed to you with your original art for $20. Further Custom Orders: Your illustration can be placed on Six (6) - 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" Birch-Linen paper Note Cards (with matching envelopes) - with a Title underneath and or a Short- Story about the subject on the back - for $30 (applicable tax and shipping with your original illustration included) (Customer provides text for Story - Artist can help create final Story if helpful. - Additional Note Cards, in increments of Six (6), can be ordered for $25 - complete. - Note Cards can be ordered in lots of Fifty (50) cards for $125 - complete. - Note Cards can be individually tinted with Watercolor by the artist for $5 per card ($4 per Note Card with orders of Fifty (50) cards) Other possible Custom Orders or uses of your original artwork are a broad as your imagination. The Artist takes pride in each illustration and always ensures the customer receives a great value. Over the years he has illustrated thousands of properties for satisfied home owners and home builders and designers. To contact us for further information:

Hosko Gallery
151 East 7th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Thank you.
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