From Saint Paul, Minnesota

9-14-16...Greetings...Just back from a Great Plains road trip to South Dakota, eastern Montana and North Dakota - great scenery ...Early next month look for a major renovation of this site. It will be much more visual, interactive and divided into three areas: 1. My architectural artwork and photography and the gallery, 2. Music Forest Café and 3. News and commentary about local (and sometimes not local) development issues and just a bit about politics... Next Wednesday is the Grand Opening of my second downtown business - Music Forest Cafe. I began work on the build-out in September 2014 and largely completed it last September. Though there were still 101 smaller projects remaining, and some not so small, I opened for business Wednesday-Sunday evenings at that time...I am looking forward to completing the last details in this fledgling business over the next week and showing off the completed project (keep an eye on ..After that time I will begin work on a variety of important marketing tasks and finding a few folks that would like to help run the business which my intended goal is for it to become a co-operative...Thank you for visiting this site. You are welcome to reach me at (this email address will be changing next month, as will the Yahoo component – Yahoo to that!)...Life is a gift, through its up and downs I remain always thankful for each and every day...Bill

The Saint Paul Collection
251 Summit Avenue
317 on Rice Park
Brooks Building
Cathedral of Saint Paul
Cathedral of Saint Paul II
Church of Saint Louis
Church of Saint Louis & Rectory
Church of Saint Louis & Rectory II
Church of the Assumption
Como Conservatory
Como Conservatory II
Como Conservatory III
Como Lake Pavilion
Coney Island Buildings
Daybreak in Rice Park
Downtowner Woodfire Grill
Dunn Bros - Khyber Pass
Eagle Street Grill
Evening on Grand Avenue
Evening on St. Peter Street
Evening on Selby Avenue
Exchange Street in Saint Paul
First Bank National Building
Gallery Tower
House of Hope
House of Hope II
James J Hill House
James J Hill House II
Landmark Center
Landmark Plaza III
Lawson Building
Majesty in Saint Paul
Majesty in Saint Paul II
Market House
Mickey's Diner
Minnesota Boat Club
Morning on West Seventh
Ordway Theatre
Ordway Theatre II
Patrick McGovern's
Port of Saint Paul Welcomes the Grand Excursion
Rainy Evening at Mickey's
Saint Paul City Hall - Court House
Saint Paul I
Saint Paul I
Saint Paul II
Saint Paul III
Saint Paul III
Saint Paul Hotel
September Morning in Rice Park
Solitude in Irvine Park
Solitude in Irvine Park
Spring Morning on Summit Avenue
Springtime on Crocus Hill
Springtime on Summit Avenue
St. Joseph's Academy
State Capitol Building
Stillwater Bridge
Summit Avenue
Sunset on Saint Paul’s Waterfront
The Liffey
Union Depot
University Club
University Club
Washington Street in Saint Paul
Wintertime in Mears Park
Xcel Energy Center