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November 22, 2015

Bill finished Third Place in the City council Election. He is sorry he will not be a able to serve the people of Ward Two as an elected official and he thanks all who supported his campaign. He will remain around and involved. Contributions up to $49.99 to the campaign are still being accepted to pay for the remaining balance of $2,800 for campaign fliers via mail or

A supporter appreciation gathering will be announced soon.

As the Holiday season rapidly approaches Bill is focusing on new works of art, custom home illustrations and framing orders at Hosko Gallery and completing fishing touches at Music Forest Cafe - open Weds - Sun at 4:30 PM. MFC is now available for lease as an event or meeting venue.

Overdue updates to Billhosko.Com coming soon.
You can reach Bill directly by phone at: 651-222-4767 or via email at:

November 3, 2015 - Election Day
More info can be found here:

October 29, 2015 - Five days before Election Day Mayor Coleman and outgoing Councilmember Dave Thune withdrew interest in having Parking Meters installed on Grand Ave. Bill Hosko has been the ONLY major candidate in the Ward 2 Council race consistently and clearly against meters on Grand. If he is not elected this issue can be brought back for a council vote in 2016.

Also, regarding street-cars on West 7th, Bill was the first, in 2013, to objectively voice opposition to them. He insured the public was better informed and pushed for a successful meeting at Cossetta's that helped solidify public sentiment against them. The 'Planning Commission' vote on the issue occurred in Feb 2014 weeks later.

Also, there has been no change in City Hall's decision to install meters on West 7th and to extending downtown meters until 10PM. If elected Bill will lead a referendum in fall 2016 to ensure the public makes the final determination.

October 5, 2015 - More BillHosko.Com updates coming soon: new art, new projects (including Mancini's at the Fair 2013, Oochs Inc. art installation 2015) and more...

Also, visit: to learn about Bill's new haven for musicians and people who like to hear good music...

Lastly, Bill is running for Saint Paul City Council this fall... He is a Non-partisan, Independent candidate whose platform is simple:

"1. Making government Accessible - I WILL be your Direct Link to City Hall:
- Encouraging Citizen Participation (Big part of my history)
- Responding directly to Citizen Concerns and Inquiries
- Conducting Town Hall Meetings quarterly to check in with the community and report my progress

2. Making City Hall Fiscally Responsible - I Will be a Maintainer as much as a Creator:
- Supporting city budgets which ensure maintenance of existing city infrastructure, parks, buildings and public safety - with existing revenues
- Opposing the demolition of historic or significant buildings when it is cost effective to renovate them
- Questioning requests and need for new expenditures by City Hall, which will result in higher Property Taxes and Fees.

3. Preparing Saint Paul for a Grander Future:
- Steadfast support of efforts to end neighborhood neglect in order to attract investment: good neighbors and businesses
- Improving the on-board Transit Experience to make transit more user-friendly and attractive
- Support creation of an Annual Report on Saint Paul's economy with respect to growth, and loss, in areas of development, livability, tourism and operating costs
- Promote the arts, beautification and other opportunities that will make Ward 2 and Saint Paul an even greater place to live, work and visit"

The BillHosko2015 link below provides more important Platform details...
Bill Hosko For City Council 2015 News and Positions...
Also, visit our new Facebook page:

Transcript from a video taken during a candidate forum - regarding parking meters being installed on Grand Avenue
September 17, 2015 Ward 2 City Council Candidate Forum – Mount Zion Temple, Summit AveReplies are in order given from City Council Candidates Rebecca Noecker, Bill Hosko, Darren Tobolt

(During the beginning of the forum, questions submitted by the audience were taken by the hosts – Summit Hill Neighborhood Association and the League of Women Voters. They forwarded questions to the moderator that they deemed of likely interest to the greatest number of people present. The subject of parking meters came up mid-point in the forum)

Mediator: “I have a few questions on parking meters on Grand Avenue.”

Rebecca: “Personally I am very concerned about parking meters anywhere. I have two small children, a 2 year old and a 11 month old and it is much more difficult for me to get anywhere to park to pay to get inside to get back with them then it is to be just in my car. That said, I know as a council member I need to think not just of myself but also about the city as a whole and I also recognize as a city we have a serious, as I mentioned, revenue problem and tax problem. Parking is never free. We pay for the roads that parking spots are used on and right now we have many people coming in from outside of our city to take advantage of the free parking spaces that we have to pay for and so to me I think that the approach that the city is taking by doing a pilot that is going to involve public input. As to where that pilot happens, it is going to be a short term experiment and then is going to evaluate the results of that to then decide if we are going to expand it. That to me is sensible policy.”

Bill: “As I mentioned earlier I am a bicyclist. I do it year round but I don't tell you what to do. Most of you need a car in your lives. The establishment in this city has not endorsed me. They do not want me to win because I ask questions. Regarding Grand Avenue, we don't have a revenue problem there is a spending problem in the city. That rail road building I just told you about is an example. In the county we are about to spend 15 million dollars destroying the West Publishing building rather than provide an incentive for somebody to take over those buildings. If before I am sworn in in January, this does get passed, I will do all I can to get a ballot measure out there in two years where we will repeal it. I don't know what the legalities are of it but (louder) we don’t need parking meters on Grand Avenue. Thank you.”

Darren: “I guess, I guess I agree partially agree with Rebecca on this one in that we need to be having this conversation looking forward. I don't agree that it is a revenue issue. I don’t agree that we should be putting parking meters up to fill the city coffers. If parking meters make sense they make sense as a means to make sure that those parking spots are open and available for small businesses. It is not about raising revenue for the city. That revenue I would like to see captured in some way to make sure it stays in someway focused on that street in which it was collected.”

(End of discussion on parking meters),

(For the transcript of candidate views on extending Downtown Parking Meter Hours visit:

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